***This response includes changes to how customer yards are serviced. Please read thoroughly. 

To all of our valued customers,  

As everyone is aware COVID-19 is a global pandemic. Our company provides an essential dog waste cleanup service to almost 1000 customers on a weekly basis and over 7000 on an as needed basis. Many of our customers are elderly and disabled. 

Our overall objective response is to:  
  • Slow the spread of COVID-19 so our local medical resources do not get overwhelmed and can provide help to all that may need it.

  • Keep the health interest of our employees, customers and their pets at the forefront.

  • Reduce the health hazard of spreading diseases and pollution into our water ways by cleaning up dog waste from customer locations.

  • Follow CDC recommendations of maintaining a MINIMUM of 6 foot social distancing.
In cooperation with our employee’s feedback, we have made the following changes in our process when servicing yards:
  • We ask that customers stay six feet away from our field employees while they are servicing the yard.

  • We are not placing door hangers like "You've been scooped!" at customer locations after servicing yards.

  • With gloves, service employees will open and close gates as normal. We ask that customers disinfect their gate latches. As a reminder, please make sure to properly maintain the functionality of your gate.

  • With gloves, service employees will place bags of waste in your trash can. This will only be done if you've communicated to the office that you'd like the bag of waste placed inside of your trash can. Only the office can make permanent changes to work orders. We ask that customer disinfect their trash can lids.

Rescinded Policies

  • Rescinded 06/10/20 We are not knocking on doors if there are problems with being able to service a yard. If there is a problem, the service employee will call from their vehicle. The number will be blocked since the field employee will be using their cellular phone. If a yard needs to be rescheduled, please call our office at 337-7667 (337-POOP).

  • Rescinded 06/10/20 Trash Can's: Dog waste will continue to be double bagged and placed in a location that our customers designate. However, for those that normally have us place their bag of waste in their trash can, we will no longer be doing so. This new policy will eliminate one additional contact surface that contributes to the spread of COVID-19. Bag(s) of waste will be placed on the side of the trash can. We understand that this will be an inconvenience for our customers, but slowing the spread of COVID-19 requires changes that are inconvenient. Under normal circumstances, our customer’s touch their trash can lids regularly and we touch hundreds of trash can lids per week. Please note that even though our field employees wear gloves, please use some kind of personal protection on your hands when putting the bag(s) of waste in your trash can.

Stay healthy and well! 

Alaska Pet and Yard Services, LLC



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